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von Pouakai
Hochwasser in Australien: Viehzüchter rettet Touristen per Hubschrauber ... ml#ref=rss

Norfolk Island, South Pacific haven with NSW postcode and ACT vote, grapples with Australian rule ... e/10772744

We live here: A new generation on a street razed by fire ... e/10739546

As the cloud forests get hotter, the white lemuroid possum gets closer to extinction ... e/10774516

Auf wiedersehen to Adelaide’s German Club, which closed on Saturday night ... ce70806e63

We can help save the Murray-Darling, Indigenous nations say ... ations-say

Townsville flooding declared 'catastrophic', Ingham cops 500mm of rain and black outs ... n/10774312


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BeitragVerfasst: So 3. Feb 2019, 10:30
von Pouakai
Tornado warning issued for Cape York as Townsville floodwaters rise ... aters-rise

Firies respond to bushfire on Victor Harbor Rd ... b1843eba9c

Man in Brisbane airport scare 'sought to create perception of risk, threat and fear' ... s_national

Australien holt Kinder aus Flüchtlingslager in Nauru ... a-47338970

Last of refugee children to leave Nauru ... 512020908a

'An indie rock band and a 92-year-old harmonica player walk into a pub...' ... s_national


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von Pouakai
Dolphin drops in on surfer off Pennington Bay ... e667233438

Swimmers break world record for charity ... 7928207001

Brisbane’s best places to usher in Chinese New Year ... 6df42059e8

Trial to monitor drones around Australian air spaces set to begin ... 7923201001

Drone captures pair swimming with hammerhead sharks off Point Peron ... 881092016z

The hottest seats in Fremantle are at South Beach bar Madalena’s ... 881082418z

40th anniversary of Mad Max celebrated in central Victoria by fans from around the world ... y/10775336

Future of Baldivis roos still uncertain after cull cancelled ... 881093513z

School zone speed warning ... 7925253001

Australien droht Jahrhundertflut ... a-47340466

Out-of-control fires threaten Walhalla, Hepburn, Grantville, eastern Victoria ... 70f5a08421

Bushfires threaten homes across Victoria ... 50vf8.html

No one likes the Murray-Darling plan - and that's a good thing ... 50vcb.html

Australia’s 10 best off-grid homes ... b32ceb6894

Lost money or lost dream? The saga of Immigration Place ... 50tp9.html


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von Pouakai
Heftige Regenfälle: Hochwasser in Australien - Krokodile und Schlangen gesichtet ... 51430.html

Queensland flood victim's biggest concern is getting eaten by a croc ... 50vmk.html

Schwere Überschwemmungen im Nordosten Australiens ... n-101.html

Townsville floods: Crocodiles in the streets as floodgates open in Queensland ... 881093597z

More FIFO flights call made ... 881089589z

Receiver outage triggers shark warning ... 881094584z

Sea lions, dolphins play among swimmers off Rockingham ... 881094315z

Push for 30km/h speed limits in Perth gathers pace with international research saying it would save lives ... 881093146z

Fatal Tas plane crash site out of reach ... -s-1922616


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von Pouakai
Storm causes power outage, leaves thousands in the dark ... 50vnw.html

Tasmania is burning. The climate disaster future has arrived while those in power laugh at us ... augh-at-us

Environmentalists, oil firms set to go to war over Great Southern Reef ... 881075549z

Horror video: Baby shark used as bong ... 1ce467a632

Shark plays chicken with crocodile in Northern Territory’s famed Adelaide River ... 4bd3d93bf0

Centre Alliance pushing to phase out Australian cotton exports to save the Murray-Darling Basin ... ling-basin

Police have bad drivers on Indian Ocean Drive in their sights ... 881094799z


BeitragVerfasst: Di 5. Feb 2019, 10:40
von Pouakai
Having stable housing a 'pipe dream' for Australia's working poor ... s/10773692

Aboriginal health workers exiting the NT industry, despite high Indigenous population ... n/10779320

High-tech dummy helping flying doctor save lives in the outback ... r/10776430

You probably have them in your bedroom. But they're not the flesh-eating monsters you think they are ... 50qkr.html

Fringe World: A Midnight Visit is well-schooled in the macabre ... 881095097z

The fight for the reef hardly anyone knows about ... 8439057001

Why WA is one of the best places in the world to see the ocean's apex predators ... 8447230001

Cheap business class airfares from Perth to Singapore on low cost airline Scoot ... 881095402z

Accused kidnapper tied up backpacker in 'dirty pig shed', court hears ... r/10782548

Townsville flooding: two men found dead – as it happened ... lease-live

Extreme weather outlook ... er-outlook


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von Pouakai
Climate change set to disrupt Australia's summer sports calendar ... s-calendar

Five things to do in Canberra this weekend, February 8-10 ... 50utd.html

Perth Airport claims win over Qantas on passenger charges ... 881094920z


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von Pouakai
Townsville residents return home to mud and mess in wake of flood disaster ... e/10782008

Townsville flood crisis brings neighbours together as family takes in 60 stranded people ... r/10782482

Could climate change make it harder to get insurance in Australia? ... e/10783490

Government releases damning review of its own Aboriginal work-for-the-dole scheme ... -worse-off

Mass fish deaths at Rockingham beach site a mystery as other fish unaffected ... h/10786888

EXCLUSIVE: Outback night skies to become WA’s star tourism attraction ... 881077807z

Threatened penguins off to Antarctica after brief holiday in WA ... 50w44.html

Federal Court fines Optus $10m for misleading customers over digital content ... 881096959z


BeitragVerfasst: Mi 6. Feb 2019, 22:05
von Pouakai
These young Aboriginal men didn't know asbestos would destroy their community ... y/10781312

Southern Aurora smashed into goods train after driver suffered a heart attack ... a906f7ac75

Is there a Tasmanian way of speaking? ... t/10780724

Australia again leads the world in deadly skin cancers ... 50w5f.html

Are the western suburbs home to Perth’s best meals? ... 881097472z ... 9057176001