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Der SW von OZ schliesst fuer Touris z.Zt.

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Der SW von OZ schliesst fuer Touris z.Zt.

Beitragvon Rusty am Di 31. Mär 2020, 16:14

Oder besser wer sich im Moment noch nach hier oder anderswo auf macht, ist selber schuld und die Touris die noch hier sind, wissen sicherlich meist Bescheid. Shit get's around pretty fast.

Naehers und wie immer informativ hier:

Travellers and Backpackers

Some travellers and backpackers who, through no fault of their own, may find that they have to remain in the South West while border restrictions are in place.

As a community we will do all we can to support these people just as we would hope communities across Australia and the world would do for our residents caught in a similar predicament.

To discourage an influx of visitors to the South West, most caravan parks in the City of Busselton have cancelled bookings from outside the region some are remaining open for permanent residents and those who are legitimately stranded and require accommodation on compassionate grounds.

City Rangers will still be patrolling for illegal camping over the following weeks and can be contacted on 9781 0444. Travellers without a principal place of residence or the means to return to that place, should seek accommodation for the forthcoming weeks as a matter of priority. Unnecessary travel within the South West region must be avoided.

If you are in this predicament please contact local caravan / tourist park providers to discuss your situation.

Eine Nachricht von unserem Mayor, (Bürgermeister) hier in Busso.


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