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Verkauf: 4x4 Mitsubishi Delica Campervan 6000 AUD

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Verkauf: 4x4 Mitsubishi Delica Campervan 6000 AUD

Beitragvon Traveller17 am Mo 6. Mär 2017, 12:24

Comes with WA REGO until 11/06/17 and is ready to go.
WA REGO is easy to extend from anywhere.

This van is build on top of a Pajero, with good 4x4 skills.
It is also a long wheel base so you have lots of space.
Especially with 4x4 you can go to places where others can't.
Cruise along beautyful beaches and stunning landskape.

Fully equiped:

- air conditioning
- CD Player/ Radio
- new mattress Queen Comfort Plus from Clark Rubber (260AUD)
- bed sheet
- 2 pillow with covers
- quilt with cover
- curtains
- 2 chairs
- camping table
- custom built cupboard for food etc
- pop up tent
- 2 sleeping bags
- air matress with automatic pump
- shelter
- Yoga mat
- Camping light and torches
- 20l water canister
- 20l and 5l fuel canister
- 12V esky and 2 cooling elements
- 2 storage boxes for food
- 2 storage boxes below the bed
- plates, bowls, cups, cutlery
- pans and pots
- 2 gas cooker

- 2 keys
- roof rack
- mobile charger/ AUX
- lots of storage
- 10 meter power cable
- bypass cable
- 12V inverter
- shovel
- ax
- saw
- toolbox with screwdrivers, spanners and many mores
- 2 spare tires almost new
- Camps book and map of Australia

We bought this reliable car in january 2017 from a local in Perth. our "Bruce" drove us from Perth to Cairns.

Bruce got a new service on the 24/02/17 and everything was fine.
The service includes also:

- new oil
- new oil filter
- new break fluid
- new battery
- new injector cleaner

Front Brake and rear brake still has 70%.
Tyres 80%

Looking to sell around cairns.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.
Contact us that we can arrange a place and date.


P.S. Wir sprechen auch Deutsch
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