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2005 CAMPERVAN, only 209.000km, Diesel, fully equipped 5900$

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2005 CAMPERVAN, only 209.000km, Diesel, fully equipped 5900$

Beitragvon Steffi&Juergen am Di 7. Mär 2017, 03:47

Are you looking for a campervan
*that gives you security as it´s pretty young (2005) with little km (209.000),
*that gives you some luxury as it‘s completely equipped, especially with high-value ultra-comfortable camping-chairs and a big shading gazebo
Then here you go:
***Official an technical details:
*latest selling-date: 14th of March 2017 (our visa ends)
*QLD Rego until 6th of May 2017 (don´t worry, QLD registration is less complicated than you might think.)
*RWC hast o be done. Last one was without any problems.
*Kia Preggio
*Diesel (less fuel consumption & cheaper then petrol on longer distances)
*very young: 2005
*AC (great and ice-cold!! Maintenanced in November 16)
*rear tyres new (bought at 13.02.2017)
*front tyres new in December 2016
*new front brakes from December 2016
*3 new fan belts
*regular oil-changes (we bought the van from a german mechanic)
*previous owner (mechanic) had a little accident, as you can see on the picture. He got everything checked like the bar and we have absolutely no problems. It was also no problem with the security check for the Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). Feel free to have it checked again before buying.
***Equipment details:
I will tell you in detail, but Mr. Miyagi is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable time.
*plates, glasses, flatware, 1 pan, 2 pots,1 cup coffee-french press, 2 water tanks, saladbowl, cooking spoons, scissors, and a lot more (just ask if you need something particular)
*special: sandwich-maker, smoothie-maker, 25l-cooler, gas-cookers with two plates (mini-gas-bottles cost about 5$ per 5), sink
Bedcover, linen, pillows, ultra-cozy spring core mattress, a lot of space under the bed, 3 big container for your stuff, 2 containers for your clothes, heat-and-sun-impermeable foil at all five windows, chain of lights, mosquitonet for the side/front/rear doors including velcro-fastener to put it on and off very quickly and easily. Toolbox (with axe, hammer, nails, starting cable, tongues, gaffertape,etc.)
We spend some money to get really great and comfortable camping-equipment:
*two ultra-comfortable, large chairs from Wanderer. Plus 2 regular camping chairs.
*2,4 x 2,4meter gazebo/pavilon (build up in less than 5 minutes!! Less than 3 if you are good ;) ) and you will thank god for a the shadow it provides under Austalia´s burning sun!
*inflatable pool (yes, it`s for children, but hey, isn`t there a child in all of us?)
* foldable table
*fishing-trap :)
Any questions? Just write me!

There are two options of buying it:
1. At or around Sydney (you would have to make the roadworthy certificate in QLD and must do the registration in QLD within 14 days after purchasing the van.
The registration is easy: you get a form with our signature, take your passport and credit-card (better two credit-cards) and go to one of the transportation centers. Takes 15 minutes. Ready!)
2. At or south of Brisbane (we would have to head back there from Sydney, so we would need to be sure, that you will buy it. Could help you with the registration. Takes just a few minutes at the transportation center.

We have to leave Australia at 14th of March, as our visa expire. You can have it already today ;) Feel free to ask for a date to get to know Mr Miyagi, the cozy and luxurious campervan!
Please call or text me at: 0490 773 807
Mr Miyagi and we are looking forward to meeting you!
Steffi & Jürgen
(we speak German and English)
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