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Verkehrsregeln in Victoria

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Verkehrsregeln in Victoria

Beitragvon ELL2829 am Mo 9. Mär 2020, 14:25

Eine Besonderheit, die man leicht übersehen kann, und dann wird es teuer.

Passing law enforcement and emergency vehicles

From 1 July 2017 a new road rule has been introduced to improve safety for our emergency and enforcement workers.

You must slow down to a speed that would enable you to stop safely when approaching and passing enforcement, emergency or escort vehicles that are stationary or moving slowly (less than 10km/h)*, and have either:

    - Red and blue flashing lights
    - Magenta (purple flashing lights)
    - An alarm sounding.

You must not exceed 40km/h when passing the vehicle and not increase your speed until a safe distance from the scene (more on this below).

The new road rule does not apply to vehicles on the opposite side of a divided road (separated by a median strip) from an emergency or enforcement vehicle scene.
* A fire truck extinguishing roadside spot fires is an example of a slow moving emergency vehicle.

Can I be fined for not obeying the new road rule?

Yes, you can be fined but no demerit points will apply.
The infringement penalty for breaching the new road rule is 1.75 penalty units ($272.05), with the maximum court penalty of 5 penalty units ($777.30).
Victoria Police has also advised that its primary goal is to educate the community about safe speeds around incidents to prevent the death or serious injury of workers and others at the scene.

Mehr gibt es hier: ... road-rules
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