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Covid 19 in Melbourne

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Covid 19 in Melbourne

Beitragvon Rusty am Mi 8. Jul 2020, 20:14

Who to stop the spread?

Vielleicht so oder anders, nur der Trumpel weiss es. ... 300Covid19
Harter Kern
Harter Kern
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Re: Covid 19 in Melbourne

Beitragvon ELL2829 am Mi 8. Jul 2020, 23:19

Der Link hat gerade nicht funktioniert.

Diese Nachricht aus Melbourne habe ich heute erhalten:

Hi Peter, we are fine. Mark and I have essential jobs so we keep working and no visitors for 6 weeks just means we all catch up on FaceTime or zoom. It has only got so bad because so of the security working at the hotels where people from overseas went to for quarantine started having sex with them and taking them out. So then many security guards go it. Then at the end of Ramadan with the Eid festival and all family gatherings it has spread big time. 100 cases just at 1 Muslim school. So many knew about what the security were doing but the government did nothing until to late. So hopefully this time they get it right and do things properly. Definitely no travel holidays for us this year.
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Harter Kern
Harter Kern
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